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Unsure about Group Therapy?

Since coming to Ontario in 2004, I have done more than half of my clinical work as a group therapist.  While no method is right for everyone, group therapies fit more people than you might think.

All the studies of individual versus group therapies point to several broad conclusions:  Both approaches work about 85% of the time, with group therapy being marginally better at improving interpersonal skills and reducing anxiety.  A major benefit of group therapy is that it is less expensive...

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Some thoughts on relationships

Relationships are hard.  At least they are hard to handle.  Even the most committed twosomes clash or find each other annoying.  Maybe worse, you might even find you have lost interest in one another.

Do you notice I haven’t even named the twosome?  Yet you probably thought immediately of an intimate partner relationship.  But the same problems plague all interpersonal relationships.  Siblings, parents/children, co-workers, friends…

It can be helpful to check out your ‘relationship clo...

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