A Community of support for Brain Injury Survivors

This is a group course you will be guided through several classes in which you will develop new “rebuilding” skills as well as mindfulness practices, social life skills, emotion regulation methods and rebuilding identity tools enabling you to cope better with yourself and the world around you.


Rebuilding Skills

The weekly Rebuilding Skills will include the following.

  1. Developing a Recovery Checklist
  2. Dealing with Feelings
  3. Creating daily To Do List
  4. Learning how to deal with New Challenges
  5. Making New Habits
  6. Planning for a Bad Day

You will finish with a personal planner binder that can help you organize and maintain your new healthy life style.


Mindfulness & Social Life

In addition to the “Rebuilding” skills every week we will work on Mindfulness practices and Social Life skills.  Participants will learn techniques to assist with focus and attention.  You will also practice social skills by having conversations with group members on a variety of topics.

Emotional Regulation

Often brain injury survivors have challenges with emotions.  We will work with you providing skills for handling these emotions.

Some emotional regulation skills include:

  • Distress Tolerance
  • Self-Soothing
  • SNAP


Rebuilding Identity

Some big questions for Brain Injury Survivors are:

  1. Who am I now?
  2. What works for me?
  3. What do I want?

During our sessions we will discuss and help you answer these questions.


What can I expect when I attend the sessions?

A typical session will look like:

  1. Check In with group members
  2. Focusing Exercise
  3. Grab coffee/tea
  4. Socialize through guided topics
  5. Focusing Exercise
  6. Plan for the week ahead
  7. Homework


The Recovery In Action Program has 18 weeks of exciting and useful tools to assist you with your new life as a Survivor.

Our counsellors, Debi and Karla, will first meet with to determine your personal goals for recovery and to develop a plan.

Groups start periodically – call for more information at 705-341-4388