The ‘Crash’ Course for Motor Vehicle Collision Survivors

This is a 10 week program offered by KFP Consulting.

Who is this course intended for?

People injured in a Motor Vehicle Collision who can participate in a group setting for 60 minutes.

Why attend this course?

A motor vehicle collision changes many things including abilities, options, life style and sense of identity.  With or without formal diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress disorders, the majority of people who experience a car crash that produces injuries serious enough to require rehabilitation experience an upset in their self confidence, losses that demand adjustments, and disruptions in family routines.  Group therapy and support can speed the healing of the cognitive dissonance and emotional sequelae to the collision even for the person with milder forms of brain injury.

Where ?

Our group room located at our James Street Location (mailing address is 50 Mary Street West).  Enter on the James Street side of the building.  While this is not yet an automated entry, we will make certain that the doors are open and e are available to assist with the 1.5 inch lip at the entry for anyone who needs assistance.

To learn more about the event please visit our crash course event, Survival After the Accident.

For more information see our Survival After the Accident event.

A course outline can be found here.

To attend our Survival After The Accident Motor Vehicle Collision event contact the event organizer, Karla Forgaard-Pullen.