A family’s journey through Brain Injury


Counselling for families of Survivors of Brain Injuries

This is a 10 week program for the families of a person with a brain injury.

  • Come together with other families who are challenged by these unwanted events
  • Speak freely about how your loved one’s injury has changed you, your family and the future
  • Feel the support and gain confidence in your ability to meet the ever-changing needs of your loved one and yourself.
  • Explore and learn with experienced professionals in a safe and private space.

Call Debi at 705-341-4388 Or email her: debi@kfpconsulting.ca

Debi and Karla have worked for many years with persons who have an acquired brain injury.  Seeing a need for the family to have a place to receive education and support, we have developed our curriculum based on recent research and proven practices.

We passionately believe that you deserve your own safe space and attention in this difficult journey.

We are dedicated to share with you our knowledge & skills and hope for your future.